Green Gifting: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Registry

While some traditional elements of weddings are still popular, couples are also looking for ways to personalize their wedding celebrations. Brides and grooms who are interested in the environment may want to think of ways that they can reuse the woman’s wedding dress instead of just throwing it out. One idea that many women have is to use their wedding gowns as a christening gown for their first child. Generally, enough fabric exists that you could eventually wind up cutting these gown into several smaller ones for all of your children. If you are of a different faith that does not do christenings, you could consider making them for friend’s children.I found some more information here. Another suggestion is to do a “trash the dress” photo shoot. You can go out to your favorite place in nature and sit in a field with pumpkins or apple orchards in your wedding gown. After that,, you could preserve the dress and have it cleaned so that you have it forever. If you want to be friendly to the environment and a humanitarian at the same time, look for programs that help to bring wedding gowns to women who are less fortunate and are able to afford their own.

DIY Candles: Techniques to Add Ambience to Your Day

Candles create a warm, romantic glow and are perfect for weddings. Creating your own candles can help you save money on your wedding decorations, and there are plenty of ways to add these simple and elegant pieces to your wedding in an environmentally responsible way.

Use Recycled Paper

If you are decorating candles to place at guest tables, to use on the bridal table or to use as a unity candle, use recycled supplies to adorn them.I was looking for more information and found it